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Soccer 72 31.76 7.36 68.61 57.75 1.72 0.29
Football 51 16.68 3.28 25.52 62.00 0.94 0.72
Baseball 74 1.18 0.22 2.63 52.78 0.06 0.07
Hockey 11 -5.09 -0.11 -1.68 40.00 -0.09 0.56
Basketball 89 -16.32 -2.77 -43.57 54.02 -0.97 0.67
Overall 297 9.95 7.98 88.62 55.52 1.09 0.00

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Handicapping sports for over 30 years

Ever since I was a little boy collecting baseball cards I have been into sports stats. My keys to winning have been Discipline Patience and Money Management. I believe in Quality over Quantity when selecting a play. You will not see a lot of selections from me per day. 1 pick is all you need. I also believe return on investment is a key factor when selecting a sports service. The sports I am currently handicapping are Basketball Football Baseball Hockey and Soccer. I determine my selections by using recent form, against the spread stats, head to head stats, injuries and motivation for a particular game

Ranked #1 in college football 2020 at thesportsmonitor of Oklahoma
Ranked #1 in Return on Investment 2020 at sportswatchmonitor

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