Completed Picks. 99.97% followable.

Baseball 2,960 3.80 307.31 337.22 50.28 1.71 0.81
Football 301 2.94 16.04 26.53 51.36 0.47 0.51
Basketball 431 -2.29 -20.1 -29.59 51.29 -0.44 0.55
Soccer 42 -49.56 -55.77 -62.45 30.95 -1.51 0.80
Overall 3,734 2.57 247.48 287.91 50.26 1.29 0.64

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The record speaks for itself. No correlated picks, no wacky unit sizing, no steam chasing...just consistent ROI over a massive sample.

Update: Mike and his minion have decided to ban me from all communication (posting and messaging); meanwhile, they continue to make money by playing and selling access to my specific picks. Utterly shameless.

For inquiries/partnerships, hit me up at [email protected]

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