Completed Picks. 87.90% followable.

Baseball 945 8.06 150.92 228.59 52.34 2.31 0.88
Football 428 -1.76 -17.27 -22.6 44.87 -0.33 0.48
Basketball 738 -2.95 -45.02 -65.23 48.63 -0.81 0.23
Overall 2,116 1.99 87.19 126.04 49.46 0.86 0.75

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******* as per usual for any new clients who dont know, i am on my break from 2/1 until the middle of march i come back for march madness every year and thats when my year begins, see you all then and lets have another amazing year, thank you everyone for the amazing support, and enjoy the winnings from this past year, goodluck everyone***

PhillyC “Tomorrow’s Newspaper”

Pro Sports Bettor/Investor

Multiple time handicapping champion in many of the most lucrative sportsbook contests worldwide

Banned and limited at nearly every sportsbook worldwide...

I utilize my “4 keys” Matchups, spot, perception, value.. to determine the outcome of sporting events... With a touch of analytics.

Unit size 1,2,3,5

*What this means is unit size 1 unit = 1% of bankroll and so on 2 unit play = 2% of bankroll max play is 5 units which obviously equals 5% of bankroll

Every member play is tracked right on this site!!! 100% transparency

For information on how to become a client, feel free to email me anytime at [email protected] or visit my

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Also feel free to check out my podcast, which i share information to help you become a better sports bettor..

-The biggest advantage we have as bettors over the sportsbook is we get to pick and choose any game to bet, the sports book does not....

Goodluck all

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