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Successful sports handicapping takes massive amounts of time and particular attention to the details. Is the information you’re using good information or bad information and how do you know?One thing always holds true, bad information in equal’s bad information out.At Pickemright we like to think we’re a couple good guys’ first and decent sports handicappers second.If that sequence changes we have no right being partners with anyone.

We’ve been handicapping sports since the early 90’s and like to think through trial and error (lots) we’ve got a really good system that works for us.First and foremost there is NO silver bullet or “MAGIC MAN” with all the answers or the secret inside scoop on any particular game.If that’s what you’re chasing make sure to fuel up because it’s a loooong ride my friends.There’s no substitution for good old fashion hard work and hours of effort.

The great thing about the internet is the amount of available information.As mentioned above, the trick is determining what information is relevant to why you are looking for it in the first place.Once we’re able to determine the data is relevant and accurate, we can now apply it to our formula to help us decipher what side of the game we are on to make our pick.We live for the round table discussion and sometimes passionate argument why a pick looks good or bad.Overall it must be unanimous to make it our pick.

Our competitiveness fuels our passion for the time required to analyze games.We love every aspect of pouring through the data and discussing the many reasons to choose or not choose a side.We strive to win every game we pick but are realistic and honest to understand that is highly unlikely.As part of our daily follow up on picks from the previous day we analyze why we won previous picks and more importantly why we lost previous picks.Our formula stays the same it’s the data that changes!

We are new to Pick Monitor and so far have been very impressed overall with the website.Mike and the crew do a fantastic job with keeping everything transparent for their customers and providing a professional online environment.If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

Good luck friends!

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