Completed Picks. 93.01% followable.

Hockey 6 55.07 6.06 9.91 83.33 1.22 0.73
Football 9 51.20 11.26 13.82 55.56 1.26 0.63
Baseball 632 -3.22 -42.81 -61 58.66 -0.80 0.35
Basketball 43 -24.45 -19.56 -31.54 37.21 -1.58 0.91
Overall 690 -3.12 -45.06 -64.6 57.50 -0.81 0.27

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A very selective approach to MLB betting --- We have done very very well over the past 5 years and are now introducing our picks to the public. We take money management very seriously, and have found a formula to achieve the best return. If you follow our picks -- PLEASE - - do so exactly as we notify the public. Please keep in mind that we reset each week, so it would be best to start following (if you are betting real money) on a Monday and don't miss a bet! You can thank us later! NOTE -- we bet by units - so it doesn't matter if your unit is $10 or $10,000 --- You will achieve the same performance. ---- We do not bet everyday, as we don't force bets just to get action. We also Parlay a lot of our selections in a VERY SELECTIVE manner -- so message us for those parlays!

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