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As a long-time sports gambler, monitoring all the action in my satellite studios in Southern California, from the chalkboards of Tijuana's foreign books, through the heyday of 1-900 numbers and weekly newsletters, to today's finely-tuned technical aspects of trading. Knowing authentic "true steam" from a head fake, and a wiseguy from a sharp, I use my combined experience as a bettor, and veteran reporter and editor, to provide a public/contrarian approach. I specialize in one-on-one personal wagering consultation.

If you are not following major steam moves, and at least considering the sides and totals that the biggest professionals are playing, you are doing yourself a disservice. Call, DM or email me anytime before or during today's action to get your first trial report absolutely free.

Follow me on twitter for sports market trading information, along with timely popular sports news and retweets. I also provide my trademark "post-market" betting breakdown on many games and offer news and opinions on current events of my interest.

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Personal Handicapping and Market Analysis Service with Ramon Scott

My premium service is a personal correspondence, using up-to-the-minute communication via text, email or phone. You will speak or communicate directly with me every time. I do not use shills, sales representatives, PR or advertising companies.

While many recommended trades are trend- and/or personnel-related, and released on my service pre-traditional open, often the best plays are determined later in the market cycle, sometimes right up until the start of the game. To capitalize on these variances, possible wagers may come following normal line movements, including late injury information, public perception, contrarian analysis, other widely-respected service plays and major "steam" moves.

I use a market screen trading platform to monitor the day's upcoming action. Using a predetermined market open, then relying on the factors I mentioned, my recommendations are based on my personal perceived value against your current line. I analyze the entire wagering card, rather than just a few select plays, to try and allow a client the opportunity to create their own betting card every day.

My most successful clients have been those that take a keen interest in the sports they are wagering on, then using my trademark pre-market game status to find the plays that they are most confident in. For those that are strictly interested in just getting selections only, they can just choose from the strongest of my daily recommended trades against my assigned line against their accessible market price.

I cover major US sports, including NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, along with college football and basketball. I also offer a mostly-technical analytic handicap on international soccer's top tiers in the United States, England, Spain, France, Germany and Mexico.

Investing in sports market trading is a serious grind. My information doesn't guarantee a standard winning percentage betting on sports. I just guarantee that you have the best position possible against the final market settlement. You will have confidence following your own personal trades, knowing that in professional and college sports, luck can play a major factor in the outcome of a game. However, your own luck is often determined by a combination of tactful skill and hard-working determination.

From the $10 recreational bettor to the already-profitable professional investor, my humble and innovative information is affordable at a modest regular monthly payment. Winning is the biggest challenge a sports bettor faces every day. A necessary balanced handicap of art and science is required. I look forward to being your personal sports trading advisor.

Please feel free to give me a call and talk to me directly. You will be glad you did.


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