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Baseball 49 17.43 15.99 25.62 60.87 1.09 0.50
Fighting 42 14.25 17.6 17.96 61.54 0.97 0.03
Basketball 328 -0.98 -7.09 -9.64 52.00 -0.17 0.05
Football 34 -7.26 -4 -7.41 47.06 -0.36 0.08
Hockey 74 -9.27 -11.14 -20.58 47.95 -0.71 0.74
Overall 528 1.43 16.35 22.65 52.70 0.31 0.01

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7:05PM Orlando Magic vs Detroit Pistons
WL%ROIPick Type
59544.79Basketball moneyline
121111-2.1NBA Basketball
48443.07NBA Basketball moneyline

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--Complimentary Play--

Chicago Bulls +255

12:27pm Risked 0.6 units to win 1.53

*We're going with a value play tonight. I like the Bulls for a couple of different reasons. They are back to normal now that most of the team is healthy. I know at some point the Bulls are going to win a game and I think it comes tonight against the kinda soft Lakers. They just aren't the same team without Bron & Rondo. Good luck

Recap- The Bulls gassed out. They Played well for the 1st half but died out after the 3rd. I think they get their win @ home. They seemed to want to finish out this road trip.

*I'm going to give my best play tomorrow as the comp play. I hit my Virginia pick so I look forward to keeping the streak alive!*


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