Completed Picks. 69.34% followable.

Fighting 2 76.04 3.65 4.56 100.00 1.20 1.00
Hockey 22 8.99 3.4 5.94 54.55 0.40 0.09
Baseball 161 3.78 12.96 18.27 53.55 0.43 0.47
Football 470 0.48 5.63 6.83 51.84 0.10 0.09
Basketball 81 -8.52 -12.22 -20.71 49.38 -0.70 0.71
Overall 736 0.79 13.42 17.52 52.14 0.20 0.03

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Hi, my friends call me “Rio” and I simply desire to be a great sports handicapper. Back in 1983, I received what I thought was the greatest present I could ever receive. My parents gave me a copy of Hoyle's Rules of Games book as a birthday gift when I was a kid. Because even as a kid I knew, “If you want to win you gotta learn how to play the game.” I have always loved games and sports, and will always appreciate the passion athletes give us everyday. So it is too little surprise that I find myself with this itch and knack to "be in the know".

I don’t want to divulge too much information about myself as I am not really interested in selling you my skills, picks, knowledge, or why you should consider me of value to you…yet. I simply encountered as a way to prove and track my plays for myself and to others if they were so interested to know how good I really am at sport handicapping.

I understand being a great handicapper is not easy and there is a learning curve just like any worthwhile endeavor. So, in essence I am an amateur still learning the trait and engaging in various tools, trends, and information to discover the best values in sports betting. As an amateur sports handicapper, I don’t have the time to really develop the kind of relationship I would think you would want from a “go-to-guy”.

Don’t get me wrong I believe in my research and I have been profitable in my efforts thus far. However, I am probably like most of you…have a day job, family, and life so I am not evaluating lines everyday but maybe someday soon I will. Therefore, my picks are slim compared to others but every pick on has been thoroughly studied by yours truly.

I am a Stanford Wong disciple and follow the Kelly Criterion so I’m a little old-skool. My expertise is NFL but I also cap NBA. I was able to hit over 56 percent NFL winners on in 2011 but I actually hit closer to 57 percent because my first 2 weeks were not documented. 57 percent is a generally accepted success rate among longtime pros. I was able to regain status in 2012 and remain top 10 among NFL handicappers on I was also able to achieve a  #1 Top Handicapper award in November of 2013 in the Return on Investment category.

Some guys may hit 60 percent for a season or two but it will be extremely rare. If someone says they can hit 70 percent, hide your wallet and walk away. He’s lying and that’s why I’m here. I believe in integrity so if I ever do decide to sell my picks and you begin to see my name high in the capper rankings, I hope you would appreciate the kind of service I intend to give you. Please keep me in mind in the near future. Good Luck.


If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time. –Chinese Proverb

Work hard, play hard. -English phrase/motto

What we think, we become. -Buddha

I’m a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. - Thomas Jefferson

Show me someone who plays with heart and I will show you a winner. - Rio

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