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Golf 24 50.81 21.26 36.58 60.87 1.64 0.85
Baseball 2,255 1.51 108.25 102.11 47.24 0.60 0.60
Basketball 2,314 -2.60 -218.33 -180.52 49.23 -1.16 0.53
Hockey 959 -4.62 -146.53 -132.86 39.24 -1.05 0.68
Football 1,328 -5.95 -302.5 -236.86 47.67 -2.08 0.88
Overall 6,888 -2.25 -537.49 -464.71 46.90 -1.63 0.62

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3/23/19 9:45PM Auburn vs Kansas
Auburn -2 -108
3/23 12:27pm Risked 5 units to win 4.63
WL%ROIPick Type
975950-1.07Basketball point spread
684721-3.88NCAA Basketball
622617-2.09NCAA Basketball point spread

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