Completed Picks. 95.08% followable.

Basketball 306 11.28 73.7 103.51 56.52 1.91 0.48
Baseball 204 -6.30 -22.44 -38.55 44.72 -0.79 0.18
Football 181 -6.42 -35.53 -34.84 50.00 -0.86 0.00
Hockey 21 -68.00 -46.23 -42.84 42.86 -2.74 0.48
Overall 731 0.35 6.37 7.59 51.83 0.09 0.03

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  • - I am a former Successful Sports Handicapper who used to sell his picks. I don't need this money anymore. I'm now a sports gambler offering my picks for free.
  • - I am transparent and open to answer any questions regarding my picks
  • - My picks are all monitored on PickMonitor with the actual line I'm getting at my sportsbooks. (I buy points on here when needed)

I don't like to describe myself as a handicapper, because this is only a fraction of who I am. Let me give you a general portrait:

  • - Bachelor degree in Management and Entrepreneurship
  • - Master Degree in Business Intelligence and Advanced Statistics
  • - Former Olympic Boxer
  • - Featured boxing writer published in the LA Times and Bleacher Report

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