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Welcome to Wager Wire Bets!

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I have been logging pick on Pick Monitor since November 2019. MY track record speaks for itself logging over 1500 picks with an ROI over 4%. I spend hours a day finding the best possible plays so you can be confident in the plays I give out. I also bet on every game too so I win and lose right along side all of my clients.

My betting analysis starts with looking at my statistical database ive compiled over the years. I also take into account factors like form, weather, location, injuries, etc... Then from analyzing the match up I predict the line and see if their is value in the play. Throughout the week I will watch the lines to get the best possible number. I do look at trends but strictly to enhance my confidence in a play I already like. I am a huge fan of every sport so if their is a sporting event going on you best believe I will be watching it and having an opinion on what the outcome will be.

VIP pricing:

Day: $10

Week: $50

Month: $125

All daily recaps are posted on Instagram and Facebook. I promote 100% transparency in a completely nontransparent business.

DM me for more info or to see what kind of discounts or free trials we have!

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