Completed Picks. 90.05% followable.

Fighting 4 26.22 4.03 3.15 50.00 0.50 0.07
Football 438 -4.53 -63 -59.58 50.35 -0.95 0.55
Overall 442 -4.20 -58.97 -55.66 50.35 -0.89 0.52

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Thanks for checking out my profile. As you can see, I am the same "custom2006" MMA handicapper that has been registered at PickMonitor for over 5 years now. I have handicapped the NFL for 8 years, but only as a hobby and I have done well every year. In 2014, I decided to take it more seriously and I entered a contest that had 353 Contestants. I finished at 53-26-5 (67.09%) and won 1st Place by a wide margin (link to the contest results below). So, after the encouragement of a few fellow handicappers here at PickMonitor, I decided to create a new profile and start a Professional NFL Handicapping Service for the 2015/2016 season.

My success in handicapping the NFL comes from analyzing team/player Statistics, Trends and Situational Analysis. Typically, I will have 5 (+/-) picks every Sunday and "possibly" a Monday & Thursday night pick. If you are interested in my picks or have any questions, please email me at custom2006nflpicks @ gmail, or contact me via PM at my "custom2006 MMA" Profile as I am usually logged in to PickMonitor with that profile.



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