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DISCLAIMER: Our past results are NO GUARANTEE of future success. Sports Betting is a hazardous enterprise. If you choose to follow our picks you do so at your own peril.

We're making money...

If you look at our graph and pick history, you'll note the horrendous stretch from mid-July to mid-August 2018, the worst we've ever experienced. We returned a high % of the profits during that period. We remain absolutely comfortable with our picks but have also worked hard to drive as much volatility out of the portfolio as possible. You'll note the "slow and steady" results that we've shown since the unfortunate July/August 2018 period.

For now, our stats show that we run a highly safe, low return portfolio. Our top priority is...WE WILL NOT LOSE MONEY. We're continuing our work on improving the ROI without negatively impacting the volatility.

This book is differentiated mainly by focusing on the best bets across ALL SPORTS GLOBALLY rather than focusing on just one or two sports or regions. The strategy here is to find the best value available regardless of the sport.

We're pleased to say that (as of January 22, 2019) most major sports are showing a profit (even with the abysmal 30 day stretch in July/August 2018).

Current stats (as of January 22, 2019) show our book ranked as follows vs. the other Business Members (with at least 200 picks in the past 12 months for any given sport):

Overall - #5 rank (0.32 ROI)...but, with one exception, more than 10x or more the historical pick count of those ranked higher. At Davol Sports Investors we offer a highly credible, time-tested track record (the good, the bad and the ugly).

Baseball - #4 rank in ROI (-2.13). This was our first year with a baseball book. We know that we can do better in 2019.

Basketball - #2 rank in ROI (2.26) with a global spread. While we do run books on the NBA and NCAA, we prefer non-U.S. basketball.

Fighting - #1 rank in ROI (1.38) (NOTE - Based on 100 or more picks. We only have 183 picks over the past 12 months).

Football - #3 in ROI (-8.33). Football is not our favorite sport. We believe that other sports provide better opportunities for profit. We'll continue with a less aggressive book.

Hockey - #1 in ROI (-0.39). Our book is spread across both the U.S. and Europe. As a rule, we believe that Europe presents a more favorable environment than the U.S.

Soccer - #1 rank in ROI (-3.75). A world-wide portfolio. Our experience hasn't been great here. We don't recommend following us on Soccer until we can prove a more profitable portfolio.

Tennis - #1 rank in ROI (2.47). We've performed best in ATP singles, Challenger and Doubles.

Other - Ranks aren't provided by PickMonitor, but our portfolio of Handball, Rugby and (mainly) Volleyball is running a 5.84 ROI (our TOP PERFORMING portfolio). This is an example of finding the best value regardless of the sport or region. We've made nearly 1,000 Volleyball picks over the past 12 months with a solid 5.31 ROI. NOTE - We feel that Handball hasn't presente

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