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I have lived in Vegas for 33 yrs. In my early yrs. in Vegas I used to hang in the sports books watching line movement, but with health problems and other personal issues those days are just fond memories. I generally make small unit plays because I list them here the way I would play them. You will likely never see a 500 unit play from me because a 500 unit play in my eyes is a "can't lose" and I have never seen a "can't lose or lock or game of the year" in my life. I'm not interested in selling plays or buying plays I'm just having fun letting P.M. monitor my plays. I don't wager on all my plays however I do play many of them (usually at online books now days). If someone can look at my plays and they help them in any way be it fading me or going with I am truly happy because I am helping beat the books that have beaten me so many time through the years.I don't try to make a lot of money wagering on sports because I have had too many friends trying to "supplement" thier incomes only to end up pushing grocery carts. Just BEAT THE BOOKS G.L.ALL! I've taken time away to try to handicap in a different way, and will now be making some 5 unit picks that are by no way locks! Screw it 5 units on every pick.

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