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Hockey 477 7.38 207.25 105.55 54.49 1.65 0.79
Football 182 6.97 78.35 38.05 56.57 1.03 0.77
Fighting 86 4.54 29.6 11.72 55.00 0.49 0.01
Soccer 93 2.00 11.93 5.58 52.75 0.21 0.00
Basketball 1,441 1.99 156.57 86.03 52.95 0.79 0.77
Overall 2,295 3.76 494.94 259.16 53.66 1.89 0.90

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10:35PM New York Rangers vs Los Angeles Kings
New York Rangers +125
10:56am Risked 5 units to win 6.25
WL%ROIPick Type
2492067.83NHL Hockey
76637.47NHL Hockey moneyline

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In response to my ONE peer review, this clown is straight out of "Single White Female." He copied everything I did and once I showed him up, he has been obsessed with me ever since. He pretends to be a middle aged surfer from Hawaii but in reality is a 30 something from near Akron, Ohio. You can look him up as "surfjack" on the website He has mental issues. He thinks I "steal" picks to post them on pickmonitor, even though I don't have any access plan. I'm the one who isn't sure he how is allowed to make such egregious unsubstantiated allegations towards me when his whole persona is an embarrassing lie.

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