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Starting a new subscription plan. Message me with any questions :)



Happy New Year. To sign up go to Hobbs Sports.

10/7/14 HSI is live!!


Been a while! I hope anyone that reads this is well. Almost at the end of August here and I honestly think this is the best month I have ever had! Now here is the weird part, I am pretty much even. I think though it is a testament to my style and approach. I had a few unbelievably bad days and yet the bankroll is still well in tact. It is a long term process and I have to remind myself to think stock not blackjack.

Anyway, this last year has not been anything to shout about. It has been up and down. But the overall approach is solid and I am happy with where my bankroll is currently. Hobbs Sports Investments is coming in a few weeks and it is going to rock the sport betting world. A whole new way to look at handicapping. Not a gimmick, a solid financial approach to the sports market. I hope you guys come on board for that.

I am still the all time leader in eunits so the proof is there. I have had a ton of really tough losses these past few months and I know the market is going to turn my way soon.

Take care,



Having a really solid two months here so far. World Cup has been interesting, I am not an expert but I see no reason not to take a shot at a dog from time to time. Probably the main thing on deck now is getting my website finished. It is going to be a couple more months but I think you guys will be happy with the final product and pricing. Take care.

Hobbs Sports Investments

The Alternative Investment

Changing the Sports Betting World One Pick at a Time


Long time no post. I had a real rough couple months personally dealing with a family loss. I believe I am still the all time leader in eunits so that is fine. I am very interested to see where I am units wise at the end of this year.

Take care,




Before I write this below I want to pay the greatest respect to all the cappers out there here at Pick Monitor. This is some promotional stuff for myself and is not meant to be disrespectful to anyone here…

Stop giving away your money,

Thank you for your time to read this. Before I write about why you should sign up with me I want to let you know off the bat I am offering a buy one week get one free ($12), promotion ends 2/18. I hope you take advantage of this so you can see why I have been arguably the #1 handicapper at Pick Monitor for over the past year. Also, it will give you a chance to see how I go about handicapping, receive my daily write ups on my plays, and read all my daily recaps.

Pretenders vs. hobbs: Guys, most people have come and gone here. They jump up in the stats, perhaps claim how good they are, and then they slowly but surely fade away. With me you are getting a consistent handicapper that has always been in at least the top five but mostly at the top for over a year in effective profit. Let me repeat that because I left out a word, DOCUMENTED handicapper that has been in at least the top five but mostly at the top (#1) for over a year in effective profit. It is not a fluke.

A new way to play: Look, I have not reinvented the wheel. What I have introduced to this website (and I have seen that others have tried to duplicate the philosophy to some success) is the issue of NOT paying juice. “Wait,” you might say. “Don’t I have to hit fifty blah blah percent to be successful?” The simple answer to this is no. Think about it. You have been killing yourself paying that juice for years and years. What has it got you? It has most likely got you nothing in the bank or worse. I am here to tell you, scream to you, slap you out of your stupor, and shout to the mountain tops so you will hear me, “THERE IS A BETTER WAY!!!!”

Why would you EVER pay extra money on a game? : Now look, there is the rare occasion I really like a game and will pay the extra juice, but it is super rare so that is not my focus here. My average odds of play for me are about +200 and I win about 40%. Still, I had a profitable January and now we are on our way to a profitable February. Sometimes it is not how much you win but how little you lose. You have been playing a rigged game, please stop, and let me show you a better way.

It isn’t easy. I used to be in your place. You have been trying to win games at some magical % while letting the books set the rules. Wouldn’t you like to finally turn the tables and have yourself playing more as the book? There are a few keys you need to understand before you decide to join up.

1. Patience and money management. You will lose more games than you win and that can be mentally exhausting if you don’t prepare yourself. But in the long run you will profit.

2. Realistic expectations, but awesome returns. You are not going to be a millionaire over night. Realistically I want to make over 30% of my investment per year. Last year I over tripled my initial investment but that is more the exception than the rule. If you have $1000, and in a year you have $1300, that is success. Ideally we want to double our initial investment. No bank in the world will offer this kind of return.

3. We have bad days. Because of my style there more bad days than good days, this is a review of point one because I need you to REALLY understand this.

4. Now about point 1 and 3. Despite these two facts you are going to profit more in the long run. Let me say THAT again, you are going to lose more games but ultimately win more money!

5. Lose less per play. Because we don’t pay juice we won’t lose as much per play. No more losing 110 to win 100, no more I say. How about they pay you 110 for you to play 100? Or how about they pay you 150?

6. Service. Just ask the guys that are with me. My feedback and customer service are top notch. I really want you guys to profit. Email me with any questions and I will get back to you pretty quickly.

7. I own hoops. The main reason I am putting this up now is because it is basketball season. I am arguably the best basketball handicapper in the WORLD… ok maybe not the world, or the country, but darn it my numbers are extremely solidJ. With me you are with a proven winner.

Are you ready to make the leap? Ready to change your ways because your ways have basically got you zip? For just twelve bucks you will get not a week but two weeks of plays from me so you can at least see what I am all about.

Last and probably least important, impress your friends. Doesn't it impress you just a bit when a guy has the +ml dog winner? Calling out the upset, and going against what the “professional” odds makers claim is the right number. Well, this week we had George Mason at +568.

Thanks again guys, and sincerely the best of luck this year!



Gentlemen, I have started up again the business aspect here at PM. I have had the business package in the past as many of you know and we had to go through some growing pains to get where we are.

The reason I have decided to start up again is that I have changed my approach a bit that will be more beneficial to you guys and simply the fact that basketball is in full swing. Prices I believe are very reasonable.

I don’t offer a “money back guarantee” but at any time after you have been with me for a bit, we have not been profitable, and you are not happy, just ask for a refund and I will send it immediately. I have done it before, and guys will attest to my character about this. So at least know that.

Ok down to business…
I am pretty conservative in my approach because we play mostly money line dogs. It is the philosophy based on
not paying any vig or juice. I want to keep things brief here though so if you want to know more about that just email
me. THE POINT is that we are going to have more losing days than most people but in the end we will be more
profitable. You have to be patient with the process. Check out my pick history
for more information as well. Recently I have been going at $500 a play that is going to change now.

Three main things I want to stress:

1. Check my bankroll to see the amount I play. Usually it will be around 1% of my bankroll per play. This is what I strongly advise.

2. Limited plays. Plays will be limited to 2-6 per day. Maybe 8 on big days but I want to try and avoid those. I have found with
our style more is not better. I want to focus on only… ONLY the best plays, and not plays that have just some value.

3. Don’t be scared of the big dog. From time to time you will see like a +400 to +800 dog. Although these are rare (about once a week), just make the play.

Finally, no more set goals. In the past this has been a hindrance. The point is to make a profit. My only goal is that we have more profit at the end of the NBA season then we have now. I will be updating here once a month and I am always available through email.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Best of luck to all of us!



Things are starting to turn around. Days like today just kill me though, losing a big dog on the Knicks by 2 and having my dog winner in Atl lose at the buzzer on a 3, frustrating. As well recently, it just seems like every OT game is not going my way, that bugs me as well.

Overall cannot complain. It has been a fantastic year and I essentially over tripled my bankroll since last January. I was at the top of the charts here for most of the year and consistently remained in the top 5. Absolutely have dominated basketball, just check the stats. So 2013 was a solid year, the goal now will be to have 60000 ep by the end of the year. That is a really bold goal but I like setting goals. We have battled back from some pretty stagnant months so that is good. The best part of all of it though was the simple fact we kept our bankroll in tact.

This year we are going to our best to limit our games to no more than 4 (maybe up to 6 or even 8 on the weekend or a bigger than normal card) per day. The bowl season has been profitable so instead of the four games we had around 6. I do want to get my ADP down because I feel that will help control our losses better. I have a few amazingly bad days and I want to avoid those this year, but losses especially with my style, happen.

Take care and have a great 2014!



What a rough month. Things are starting to turn around a bit and I anticipate some good profits the next few months. I am no longer selling picks which has been a load off because of the bad stretch I was in. I am still looking for more balance in my selection process. That should help to see an improvement in my overall ROI. Basically I am going to be doing two to four plays (a few more on saturdays) a day. There is a lot to say about that process but I will just keep going forward with it for now.

Best of luck,



Good start to the hoops season. That is really where I am more comfortable. We have started up our pay service again but at real reasonable rates. It is not a fluke or just being lucky. We have been very consistent over this last year to show we can put up profits. The last three months kind of got stagnant for us but with basketball here now we feel things will start to turn around.

Any questions just give me a shout!



More to talk about in a month. Take care all!


Update. Had a pretty bad month in August. Ended the month and beginning of September on a horrible two week run. It happens. We dug ourselves out of it though and are chugging away. Really excited for basketball coming up. That has been the go to sport. Hopefully we will have another strong showing this coming year.

Note... I have quite a few clients on my list but I am not making a dime off them. When we hit our really bad run, I simply refunded every cent anyone ever invested with me. I felt it was the right thing to do, I think in hindsight I actually overcompensated, but I am just a regular guy like you and I just wanted to show I am not any kind of scam artist. I think my record speaks for that all on it's own.

Still, I am not going to win every day, week, or even month. I look at it more like are we pulling in a profit every six weeks. And even that won't always happen. Let's see where we are at the end of September.



Just a quick note. Things are still churning away just fine. Shooting for $42000 EP by the end of August. Take care.


Wanted to just give a quick update. It has been solid this last month and we are looking to continue to profit. Not a lot to report. I hope for those of you still on the edge of signing up will consider my service. It is unique and very profitable. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. cheers!



Below are my posts from when I started. I want to start putting the newest posts up top. Ok, well I decided to go ahead and start selling picks and I have had some good feedback and new clients. Thanks again for your trust gentlemen.

This last week I have been on fire. I am now the leading capper here with $30,000 EP wise. I really don't know what else to add to that fact. If you are reading this and have been thinking about joining me, I encourage you to give it a shot. Give me a month to show you. I honestly don't expect to continue at this ridiculous rate, but by the end of July I should be close to $35,000 EP if the trends continue, and that would be profitable to you!



It is the beginning of 2013, and the beginning of Hobbsports. I have been handicapping for over 20 years, mostly losing... well, certainly not winning a lot. Sure I would have some winning seasons, some losing, but overall not much to show for it. I think I have tried every system and money management strategy on the planet. I joined this site a couple years ago but only played a bit, didn't really win so I just stopped. Now though, it is definitely time to come back.

In early 2012 I was introduced to a whole new way of thinking and way of preparing myself to handicap sports. What a difference. I stopped all the nonsense and bad advice of "professional" handicappers... like you know, you have to win 53% of games to make a profit, or our service is blah blah these past two weeks, or heck even past week. Or how about signing up for websites to get the latest up to the second odds, or hey don't forget to be contrary to the public... it goes on and on, all of it worthless.

As of writing this it is January 8th and yesterday I saw Bama smash ND, (I had Bama, a very rare negative return play for me). Actually my first two days posting have been interesting. First day I went 0-6, then yesterday I went 4-2. For a total of 4 wins and 8 losses, a winning percentage of 33%. Pretty terrible huh? But if you looked at the ROI for these two days you would see a 12% return.

You might be a little surprised, but only because you have been following the same losing strategy with negative returns on your investments. My plan is to keep this service free for all of 2013. If things go as planned I will begin my pay service in 2014.

Quick note... really like this site. Seems like a lot of good people :)


hobbs (CEO, President, and only employee of Hobbsports) :)


Good first week, strong ROI. Record well below .500 but who cares as long as there are profits. Here at Hobbsports I hope you will see how I approach sports diffferently than most everybody. I am looking at the end result, period. I know you have heard it takes patience, and that is one thing I agree with other talking heads when it comes to this type of investment. Because of my semi-unique style of turning the book in your favor, you are going to lose games (but continue to make money), prepare yourself, stay mature about the process (I say this to remind myself too). Keep reminding yourself that the profit will come. In the end you are going to win. I am going to prove that this year.

My approach is not some gimmick or something completely unique, I know others follow this same strategy. The good thing for you is that this style works. I put a lot of work into this process, and in the end I believe I am one of the best at the application of this strategy.

A quick note... sometimes you will see me playing negative return games (lines with juice, like -110, which I have termed negative return games), those are pretty rare so I need to clarify something. I live in a different time zone than most of you and the lines I want (moneylines) don't come out until late at night my time. No problem if I want to make some plays that go on in the evening in the U.S. because in those instances I make my plays when I wake up. The problem comes usually on the weekend when there are early games for basketball. I just can't stay up that late always and so I will make the moneyline plays I want but take the points. Mind you, when I do this... at my book I give points to turn a play from a -110 to a +115 (if I give a point or two for example). I always do this, why? Because then I have the math on my side, and that is where I want to be. Rarely I will take the favorite, but hey like you, sometimes I really like a favorite. In those instances I still give points to change my minuses into pluses, always.

When I say math, I am not a capper that just throws out plays because of the math, it is a thinking process. I have a long history with sports. I played a college sport (on scholarship), my father coached for over 30 years, I coach, and interestingly enough I also worked in a casino for a few years before I got my teaching credential. So from me you are getting a guy with real experience in the sports and handicapping world. I really enjoy this business.

The point is that you will see some of my plays at -220 or whatever, but that is only because I wanted to go to bed at a reasonable time. This is usually only on my Sundays where I live. Like most of you I got to go to work Mondays, as a profession, I am a teacher.

Final note... I will be updating my profile once a month. Take care all!



Funny I decided to update after the worst day yet :)

Well, overall good first month. This last week was interesting as I just kind of stayed stagnant until yesterday when I took some steps backwards. Alas, such is the nature of Hobbsports. Simply put, there are going to be some real zingers of days where you look at that day and say, "Geesh, this guy is terrible, why do I follow him?" I feel your pain, I invest too and days like this are just tough to deal with sometimes. I am blessed with a wonderful family though so I just remember this is only a business and not to get too wrapped up in one particular day. I just stay grateful to what God has blessed me with and move on to tomorrow.

My ROI took a huge plunge. For the past month I was the leading capper here ROI wise if you would have checked yesterday at over 10. But after today it will dip back down to around 6. I find the math interesting there because if you started with a true $10000, you would see a profit of over 30%. That is solid and I will take that. At my book, although yesterday was atrocious, I am up around that same number (30%) for the past month. That is a great return.

Really, that is what it is all about. Am I disappointed about yesterday? Sure. I could get into looking at the plays and complain and moan how my teams were winning solidly going into the last 5 min and let it slip away and whatnot (heck I lost 4 games by a combined 5 points lol), but what good will that do? I have been using this strategy over the past year, and one thing I have learned is if I stay on track the profits will continue to come.

That being said, I really do need to focus more. The reason is that half the NBA is over, and the NCAA hoops is coming down to the last third of the season. Books are a lot better at the numbers game as they receive information, and they have enough now to really hone in on the right number. No problem, I will be a little tougher back at them by being a bit more conservative. They are great at what they do and we all need to remember and respect that if we are going to profit.

So, final thoughts... good first month. I will have a good second month too. I might not profit every week, and I will have some truly horrendous days, but I will turn a profit every month.

Take care all,



What a week. I have been super busy at work. Investment wise I really went on a roller coaster that ended up on the positive side. So that makes it two positive profit months in a row for Hobbsports. I have a lot more visitors than I expected as I keep climbing up the ladder. Thank you all for taking the time to check out my picks, and if you have made some money that is great. Like I said last month, it takes time, there will be some bad days, keep your eyes on the long term profit.

With that being said. Why do you guys try and do this the hard way? Why are you giving away your money by paying a brokerage fee when you don't have to!!! Yes, it is true the oddsmakers are good at what they do. But they are not nearly as perfect as you give them credit for. A recent graph I studied showed that last season (yes the shortened one), the oddsmakers in the NBA listed the wrong favorite 30% of the time. That is a fact. Your job is to get on the right side of those, I am here to help or do it for you.

In short, being able to put the line out first can really influence your psychology. I know I know it seems like they are always around the number. The truth is you remember the games they are around the number a lot more than the times they are way off, that is just simply true, think about it.

Anyway, it is up to you. If you want to start profiting, and you have always struggled at this venture, perhaps it's time to take a different approach.

Take care all,


3/6/13 UPDATE!!

WOW simply WOW. I have never been on a run this bad in the last year. My last count I am 7 for my last 40. The thing that is making me a bit sick is the fact there were at least 10 games in there that should have swung my way but didn't. Tread lightly. Just one of those bad streaks. Like today I had BC and Ohio st. circled but passed them up for Illinois and Boise st. Just need to type a little bit to vent. Still, overall I am up here $6000. But dang my ROI and EP just plummeted. I did tighten up a bit but it hasn't helped. If you took the time to look at my losses you would see they mostly occured in the last 5 min with my team usually up. I really hope that math comes back to me because it is getting a bit tough to deal with, horrible streak. I will bounce back, these streaks happen at times. I forget we have to deal with them :)


3/13/13 Math came back to me . Be back April 1st!



Can't complain. Leading capper with those with over 500 picks and another profitable month, very solid ROI over 8. Not as great as I would have liked but it is ok. I thought I stretched myself too much at times and that hurt me overall. I really need to focus and be disciplined and remember what got me here.

Again, why do you guys continue to pay a brokerage fee? I am going to continue to prove why my way is the best way if you want to make your investments profitable I believe you have to follow my method or continue burning your cash. If you started with $10,000 you would now have over $26,000 if you followed me in less that 3 months. Not a whole lot more I can add to that fact.

With baseball coming I am really looking forward to a good month. Sure there will be ups and downs, just stay with the process, in the end we will have another profitable month.



4/16/13 UPDATE!! Ice cold right now. A real bad streak again. Not even close on any games. Last count 1 win out of 28 losses, that is almost impossible.


Thank goodness that is over. I got on a cold streak that was out of this world. I can honestly say that is the coldest I have ever been in my history of sports wagering. Still, caught a good week at the end and did not end up too much in the hole. I think it is a silly guarantee for me to say I will profit every month, but up until now I have both before and starting pick monitor.

After analysis I noticed I was just stretching myself too much. I have decided to bring things down to a more manageable level. Still at a strong profit overall so can't complain.

I believe May will be a much better month :)

Good luck,



Another profitable month, my best yet really. I had a really tough time last month by stretching myself too much. I brought things down and focused a bit more on playing less games, it has been going well. I don't know what else to say, I am the number one capper here ROI with over 1000 plays. It is funny when I look at the board because my average play is +200, that is not really what I want, it should be down more around +150 but whatever, basketball does that.

So do you guys finally believe or do you still want to continue paying a brokerage fee? Starting with $10000 over the last 4 plus months I have more than tripled my money. I hope when this year is up some of you will take the time to go through my posts and see I am not playing around when it comes to investing money.

I hope to be close to $30000 EP in the next two months, then hopfully by this fall I will be up to $40000.

take care,


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