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Football 112 8.47 107 28.46 72.97 1.35 0.76
Hockey 154 4.65 69.3 21.5 67.53 0.80 0.78
Baseball 339 4.31 140.9 43.8 67.36 1.10 0.40
Basketball 347 -1.08 -39.05 -11.28 64.91 -0.29 0.60
Overall 952 2.89 278.15 82.5 67.16 1.27 0.68

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Now that my 1 year anniversary (9-8-2017) here is gone I have proven that you can make money betting favorites as that is almost all I play. The only losing sport here was NBA and my members because we use a set bankroll system actually made a very small profit or really we just got back above even. COLBB,COLFB,NFL,NHL,MLB were all to the plus side.

9-6-2017: FREE WEEKEND!! (9-7/9-10) I am offering a free weekend to mark my 1 year aniversary of posting online. Send me a email and I will put you on my list. Just put free weekend in subject line.

Hi, I am new to the web, I started posting here 9-8-2016 the start of 2016 NFL season. I have had my service private for the last 5 years but have decided to make it public with the start of the 2016 NFL season and gave a free 2 month trial on my Facebook page. I post all my picks on my facebook page and open sometime after all games start. Once in awhile I will open early and give a free day.

We start our 7th year of service with the 2017-2018 COLFB season. I don't get to post all my football picks here especially COLFB early as I will buy a lot of lines down.

Any? You can contact me:

After a terrible NBA season, the worst one in 6 yrs. A really good playoff run has gotten my members back to even in the NBA. We still have MLB left to finish up my 6th year.

We have been extremely fortunate as we are yet to have a losing season or year in now our 6th year of this service.

My service is $100 month. I also have a yearly price of $600 a year.

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