Completed Picks. 88.44% followable.

Golf 1 221.00 2.21 6.63 100.00 1.49 0.00
Football 281 1.05 7.81 8.89 50.90 0.16 0.02
Basketball 719 -0.99 -48.99 -21.34 49.30 -0.34 0.55
Fighting 374 -4.10 -43.59 -45.97 47.18 -0.77 0.65
Baseball 193 -9.44 -43.54 -54.68 43.98 -1.20 0.64
Hockey 118 -12.70 -52.33 -44.95 43.22 -1.40 0.93
Tennis 3 -100.00 -4.75 -9 0.00 -1.54 0.94
Overall 1,689 -2.40 -183.19 -121.58 48.00 -1.07 0.89

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Oh boy! Let me GIVE you YEARS of hard work and research for nothing? There comes a day when things can no longer continue on the path they're on (that being today 03/08/2019). Mike (the owner) purposely sabotaged my business by messing with paypal, acting - behind the scenes so that I would find myself right back on the "ALL-ACCESS" division (no dice). Time has come and something NEEDS to change and people need to get paid for their work. Mike is and always has been SHADY.


Mike the douche (Intro page) --

{Aside from having a strong desire not to be complete ass-hats, there's a surprising monetary benefit to our transparency. 90% of sports-pick buyers may indeed fall for the shady, dirty, makes-you-want-to-vomit-in-your-mouth too-good-to-be-true nonsense (read: that is our "competition". But 10% don't. And how many sites cater to that 10% seeking transparency above breathtaking results? Not many.}

Patty G sauce 2x Champ (Your boy keepin it real) --

Image result for championship beltImage result for fantasy football championship belt

...Seriously? Talking shit about "" when their PROS are WAY better than anything you offer here buddy! Seriously. Inconsistence 'users' getting awards on here is ridiculous ASS-HAT.

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