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... coming from the Matrix.

As you may see, I am testing everything out. It's very new to me in predicting any and all sport venues.

Yes, my method is very unorthodox to most. If you delete my soccer stats, then I would obviously be crushing it. I can’t get a feel for 3-way wagering that include ties. I know, I know ... I’m nuts.

As for the wagering amounts .... yes, I’m being lazy and doing 5s only. The method to my madness doesn’t have a price point. I can’t gauge the predictions. I either get the feeling, or I don’t.

I will not leave my account to start fresh for another like most others that do and have 5 different accounts with different strategies and monetize on the winning account. Or artificially and hugely inflate stats by doing fractional wagers then pad it with 5Unit wagers. The extreme difference makes it seem more profitable. In reality, no one does that in real life.

I'm going to see if I can fill up that -200 hole. So ... really ... no more 3-way picks like soccer.

UPDATE: Alas, the -200 hole has been filled. Avoiding soccer worked!!! Let’s see if I can pour concrete over it as so it won’t be dug up again. Ha!

Bottom-line, I’m just having fun.

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