Completed Picks. 97.58% followable.

Hockey 20 43.32 65.05 25.99 85.00 2.34 0.88
Fighting 18 39.17 37.21 21.15 61.11 1.12 0.87
Basketball 62 12.17 105.41 22.64 67.74 1.56 0.79
Tennis 125 3.02 42.85 11.34 47.58 0.43 0.22
Football 37 -4.97 -11.93 -5.52 41.67 -0.30 0.35
Baseball 37 -13.89 -27.05 -15.41 38.89 -0.77 0.71
Soccer 104 -35.43 -190.3 -110.53 18.81 -2.07 0.94
Other 10 -60.56 -32.25 -18.17 20.00 -1.61 0.95
Overall 413 -0.31 -11.01 -3.84 43.98 -0.07 0.26

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... coming from the Matrix.

As you may see, I was testing everything out. It's very new to me in predicting any and all sport venues.

I obviously don't have the skill for anything that has team names that I can’t really pronounce or the teams are foreign to me. It’s hard for me to envision such. Yes, my method is very unorthodox to most everyone here. If you delete my soccer stat, I would obviously be crushing it. I noticed it’s a trend with other sports with same situation. I know, I know ... I’m nuts.

As for the wagering amounts .... yes, I’m being lazy and doing 5s only. The method to my madness doesn’t have a price point. I can’t gauge the predictions. I either get the feeling, or I don’t.

I will not leave my account to start fresh for another like most others that do. I'm going to see if I can fill up that -200 dip. So ... really ... no more teams that I have to struggle to pronounce, or if I'm not familiar with them.

Alas ... the -200 whole has been filled. Let’s see if I can pour concrete over it as so it won’t be dug up again. Ha!

Bottomline, I’m just having fun.

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