Completed Picks. 98.34% followable.

Basketball 850 8.28 75.96 211.13 56.30 2.51 0.93
Hockey 483 4.37 24.79 63.36 54.14 1.02 0.68
Football 235 -5.73 -14.84 -40.41 49.34 -0.92 0.00
Overall 1,568 4.93 85.9 231.8 54.60 2.04 0.92

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I am shutting down the service here due to lack of traffic and the fact that I am in an inverse freeroll situation in terms of my record on this site (if I win more I will get no new subscribers, but if I lose, I will not as easily be able to take my record elsewhere). I will probably look to provide a service elsewhere in the future and may post plays here for other sports.

I would not pay for picks from anyone here other than custom. DrH is also worth paying for if you know who that is.

All those who paid have been refunded. If there were issues receiving the refund from PayPal (I don't think there should be) please message me and I will refund you personally.

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