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Tennis 1,248 9.31 543.2 348.38 72.22 3.85 0.80
Basketball 758 3.08 87.8 70.05 72.24 0.98 0.02
Baseball 253 0.52 6.74 3.98 66.80 0.10 0.18
Football 183 -4.47 -36.88 -24.56 69.95 -0.71 0.17
Soccer 412 -5.88 -95.34 -72.66 61.04 -1.34 0.81
Hockey 145 -9.06 -35.8 -39.4 58.04 -1.15 0.03
Overall 3,013 3.61 463.47 326.14 69.34 2.28 0.52

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FridayNiteHoops - 3/6 12:11PM

I came expecting mainly tennis picks, but have been pleasantly suprised with the wide range of sports you play.

scottodds_com - 3/6 11:57AM
Glad you got GREAT VALUE on Teichmann! Not much value today - the best I could find is the following:

3/6/18 7:00pm College Basketball 522 Syracuse -190* vs Wake Forest
3/6/18 10:05pm NBA Basketball 512 Portland Trail Blazers -460* vs New York Knicks

FridayNiteHoops - 3/5 2:32PM
Cool, I'm actually getting way better odds on Teichmann from other books, at Pinnacle its -139, kind of weird because they're usually on par with 5Dimes, and 5Dimes often has the best lines.

scottodds_com - 3/5 1:56PM
Some other value picks for later. Glad Krstin came thru for us:

3/5/18 4:45pm Qualifying Tennis 5930 Jil Teichmann -170* vs Francesca Schiavone

3/5/18 8:35pm NHL Hockey 6 Dallas Stars -225* vs Ottawa Senators

3/5/18 9:00pm College Basketball 742 NC Greensboro +3 -155* vs East Tennessee State (if you can't get 3 points with your bookie, put in a parlay with the San Antonio Spurs and see if they allow 3 points).

scottodds_com - 7/22 1:03PM
Haha. Thanks. I need to stay humble or I'll lose.

Sportslnvesting - 7/22 12:50PM
I would tell you how good you are but I think I have done that now 8 days in a row. Lol. Good job. 😂👍🏻👍🏻

Sportslnvesting - 7/22 12:50PM
I would tell you how good you are but I think I have done that now 8 days in a row. Lol. Good job. 😂👍🏻👍🏻

scottodds_com - 7/22 11:13AM
Oh well...we won... ;-)

Sportslnvesting - 7/22 4:35AM
I'll be sure to check in the future an hour before march unless I'm asleep. No worries either way. Due for a loss.

Sportslnvesting - 7/22 4:22AM
Too late.

scottodds_com - 7/22 12:18AM
Shoot! I just got some more data on that Namigata match and now I'm recommending to take some off/hedge it... sigh

Sportslnvesting - 7/21 8:37PM
All set. Thanks.

scottodds_com - 7/21 8:02PM
Pera 74+

Thanks for all the compliments and subscriptions! I have a lot of confidence in my modeling software, especially in the long run. I've received several offers from famous international cappers and sports fund managers to exclusively provide them with my analytics system comprised of several thousand databases/macros and spreadsheets, however, I'd like to see if I can make it on my own first!

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