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Tennis 968 12.31 577.75 357.48 74.48 4.54 0.82
Basketball 310 6.11 56.36 56.82 77.20 1.30 0.82
Baseball 114 -0.86 -4.86 -2.93 66.37 -0.11 0.13
Soccer 209 -7.61 -60.93 -47.73 64.39 -1.25 0.81
Hockey 81 -9.72 -21.12 -23.63 56.25 -0.90 0.09
Football 162 -9.77 -60.08 -47.46 69.14 -1.43 0.32
Overall 1,857 6.13 480.86 341.63 71.88 3.05 0.68

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4:30AM Carla Suarez Navarro vs Caroline Wozniacki
WL%ROIPick Type
5842029.43Tennis moneyline
1824924.78WTA Tennis
1484421.01WTA Tennis moneyline

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scottodds_com - 7/22 1:03PM
Haha. Thanks. I need to stay humble or I'll lose.

Sportslnvesting - 7/22 12:50PM
I would tell you how good you are but I think I have done that now 8 days in a row. Lol. Good job. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Sportslnvesting - 7/22 12:50PM
I would tell you how good you are but I think I have done that now 8 days in a row. Lol. Good job. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

scottodds_com - 7/22 11:13AM
Oh well...we won... ;-)

Sportslnvesting - 7/22 4:35AM
I'll be sure to check in the future an hour before march unless I'm asleep. No worries either way. Due for a loss.

Sportslnvesting - 7/22 4:22AM
Too late.

scottodds_com - 7/22 12:18AM
Shoot! I just got some more data on that Namigata match and now I'm recommending to take some off/hedge it... sigh

Sportslnvesting - 7/21 8:37PM
All set. Thanks.

scottodds_com - 7/21 8:02PM
Pera 74+

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