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Hockey 204 6.73 70.18 41.21 45.92 0.85 0.58
Basketball 1,607 3.58 304.65 172.51 53.38 1.48 0.88
Overall 1,811 3.92 374.83 213.11 52.55 1.69 0.92

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3/23/19 9:45PM Auburn vs Kansas
Auburn -2.5 -103
3/23 11:31am Risked 5.15 units to win 5
WL%ROIPick Type
4003385.28Basketball point spread
7236095.3NCAA Basketball
3472777.92NCAA Basketball point spread

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Welcome to the sportsanalyst19 picks page!

I know there are a lot of scams out there, and it is hard to find a reliable handicapper that isn't just trying to get your money for their picks. Since I started offering my picks for sale I find that I am actually MORE in-depth with my research because getting someone to buy my picks isn't what I am all about. Building trust and delivering results to a client that will, hopefully, continue to renew my picks after a given subscription has expired is what I am looking to achieve.

As I am sure you have noticed, there are days where I have a large number of picks posted. This is because, as a Financial Analyst for over 10 years, and a sports enthusiast and bettor for even longer, I have learned how to look at large sets of data and identify long term trends. Simply put, I apply a 60% method to the trends, and any games that present a ML, O/U, or Point Spread opportunity within this scope are the games that I select for my picks (please note that if the odds are greater than -120 I will usually not select them, as I try to stick to odds that get you the best return!). While some games may present a higher than 60% opportunity, in the large scope of things it would potentially skew my results if I pick and choose.

If you are not able to bet all of the games, you can follow my current trends to see where the stats are more favorable in recent selections, such as Point Spread vs O/U or NBA vs NCAAB as examples. In addition, I have found that parlaying 2-4 games together will produce an even higher ROI, and I track that on Cappertek using the same SportsAnalyst19 ID (I never manually pick or grade any of my games, and you will see that the picks are the same as on PickMonitor, they are just sometimes parlayed together).

Finally, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] and I will try to respond to your emails as soon as possible.

Good luck everyone!

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