Completed Picks. 92.78% followable.

Soccer 115 12.61 14.99 43.5 59.00 1.37 0.84
Hockey 56 4.25 2.38 7.14 58.18 0.35 0.20
Overall 180 13.82 27.64 74.62 59.15 1.76 0.75

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I will generally post 4-10 Plays per day when I feel like there is value to be had all picks are 1U regardless of my confidence bet what you like

If you don't want to pay 100.00 a month and are looking to slowly build a bankroll hit me up on twitter @BluelinePicks all plays 25 per week

I will be leaving PM after 250 picks hope you all have made some money thanks for all the people who have privately contacted me and good luck with your bets for those that have asked me about tips I have setup a Nitrogen account you can donate spare BTC 1N5Fbyy8fUWDbV1wo4z6i2rYRZoQ7xMQxY

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