Upcoming Picks Widget

Just copy and paste these two lines of code onto your website and this widget will start working immediately.

<!-- Include this line of code only once per page regardless of how many Pick Monitor widgets you use. -->
<script src="" async type="text/javascript"></script>
<!-- Include this line wherever you want your widget to appear. Customize it with options as you see fit. -->
<div class="pickmonitor-widget-container" data-function="upcoming_picks" data-user="" data-theme="classic"></div>


data-function required

A string that specifies which widget to show.

Value: upcoming_picks
data-user required

A string that specifies which user's data to show for the widget.

Example Value:
data-theme optional

A string that, when specified, specifies the style of the widget. If omitted, the widget will be given no style (perfect if you want to customize its appearance).

Possible Values: classic
data-odds optional

A string that specifies whether to view odds in the american format or the decimal format. This setting will default to the setting of user's account specified in data-user.

Possible Values: american, decimal


Don't include any styles.

<div class="pickmonitor-widget-container" data-function="upcoming_picks" data-user=""></div>

Note that all results are cached for 90 seconds so data may be up to 90 seconds behind.


The widgets are in beta and may be altered. We reserve the right to delete and or modify these widgets at any time with or without notice. We reserve the right to restrict permission to these widgets to any person or website and for any reason at any time with or without notice. These widgets are provided with no warranty whatsoever. If they don't work, or even if they break your site, that's not on us.

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