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713 Washington Wizards
+4.5 (-107)
Ov 178.5 (-105)
714 Chicago Bulls
-4.5 (-103)
Un 178.5 (-105)
927 Baltimore Orioles
U. Jimenez
+1.5 (-140)
Ov 8.5 (105)
928 Boston Red Sox
J. Peavy
-1.5 (+130)
Un 8.5 (-115)
715 Portland Trailblazers
+5.5 (-102)
Ov 215.5 (-105)
716 Houston Rockets
-5.5 (-108)
Un 215.5 (-105)

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PickMonitor is home to the best sports handicappers on the web. We replace touting and big talk with factual records and advanced statistics. You won't find 80% winners here, but you will find talented handicappers with transparent results.

Either buy picks from business members individually to ensure access to the most serious and most focused handicappers on the site, or buy picks from PickMonitor to get access to the picks over 18,000 handicappers - the amazing handicappers, the awful handicappers and all of the handicappers in between.

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There are millions of people who bet on sports but 99% of them will never find an edge on their own. That's where you come in. Income generated from pick sales is risk-free which is helpful in offsetting the peaks and valleys of gambling-related income, and by locking in your own bets before listing them for sale there is no chance of your advice moving the lines against your favor.

When you sell your picks on PickMonitor you control your own prices, determine your own payment methods and keep 100% of the sales. Also, we give you some nice tools to keep your clients happy without any additional work (on top of picking the games) on your end.

Current Business Members include Aleebebop , b200 , BaseWinner , BETSYN , CashMagician , ChiChiOllie , Computer Generated Picks , dalongchina , Faolchu , FiveHoleFreddy , Galimi , hobbs , ismail1905 , IvanLaFlareSuW , jaygerbs , joshthomas , KyleBrownSuW , Mike McClain , mike35544 , myles-to-go , PickDeez , ProComputerGambler , RenoChazz , silentsteve , The Contrarian , Totals4you2 , XavierSingletonSuW

As opposed to other sites i really have to tip my hat to the people at PM. I never have to worry about directing someone to this site in order to get my picks and purchase them soon due to the fact the people who run this site somehow are able to actually have a reputable website that is honest trustworthy and transparent.PicksbyBMD

Although PM is about sports wagering, I believe its more than that. It's a community of people who share a common interest and to some extent bond with the site and its users ... it's a great place, created for the interests of its users. We are fortunate that the creator of the site is an active user, and takes input from the community for changes and enhancements.The Contrarian

It's been pretty amazing just to see the site grow as it has and it to get to know so many of you. I never even had a good discussion with another handicapper before coming here, nor have I ever been a part of a site that was so accepting and open to positive discussion.Mike McClain

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