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8:00AM SKA Energiya (RUS-FNL) vs Sibir Novosibirsk (RUS-FNL)
WL%ROIPick Type
42592.34Soccer moneyline
511-26.88Russia Soccer
3321.67Russia Soccer moneyline

2 star rating based only on past results. Future results may vary.
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7:05PM New York Knicks vs Orlando Magic
WL%ROIPick Type
141310.15Basketball point spread
62319.53NBA Basketball
10111.41NBA Basketball point spread

1 star rating based only on past results. Future results may vary.
Shown are the most relevant records of Underdogger for this pick.
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7:35PM Cleveland Cavaliers vs Toronto Raptors
WL%ROIPick Type
1301134.05Basketball point spread
68424.45NBA Basketball
29238.74NBA Basketball point spread

1 star rating based only on past results. Future results may vary.
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7:35PM Philadelphia Flyers vs New York Islanders
WL%ROIPick Type
9038795.8NHL Hockey
6715846.79NHL Hockey moneyline

1 star rating based only on past results. Future results may vary.
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11/27/15 12:00PM Western Michigan vs Toledo
WL%ROIPick Type
625115.4Football point spread
514216.04NCAA Football
483716.18NCAA Football point spread

3 star rating based only on past results. Future results may vary.
Shown are the most relevant records of Phillykid1089 for this pick.
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As opposed to other sites i really have to tip my hat to the people at PM. I never have to worry about directing someone to this site in order to get my picks and purchase them soon due to the fact the people who run this site somehow are able to actually have a reputable website that is honest trustworthy and transparent.PicksbyBMD

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It's been pretty amazing just to see the site grow as it has and it to get to know so many of you. I never even had a good discussion with another handicapper before coming here, nor have I ever been a part of a site that was so accepting and open to positive discussion.Mike McClain

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105 Philadelphia Eagles
PK (-110)
Ov 45 (-110)
106 Detroit Lions
PK (-110)
Un 45 (-110)
107 Carolina Panthers
PK (-110)
Ov 46 (-110)
108 Dallas Cowboys
PK (-110)
Un 46 (-110)
253 Minnesota Vikings
+1 (+100)
Ov 46 (-110)
254 Atlanta Falcons
-1 (-120)
Un 46 (-110)
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